This three-day long event, hosting thousands of visitors yearly, raises from the “a tavola con i popoli antichi” (“at dinner with the ancient peoples”) initiative by the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, the good will of the Italian Archeoclub – Crecchio Branch (which manages the Museum of Byzantine and Early Medieval Abruzzo in the Ducal Castle since 1993) and the efficiency of all the local associations working in the municipality.
“At dinner with the Byzantines”: from the evening to the night... a travel into the memory of our land, through cultural events, guided tours into the museum, reconstructions of the Byzantine society and eno-gastronomic opportunities among the borgo alleyways.
Since dawn the local community, after a monthslong preparation, gets down to work to make the curtain fall at the twilight. Torches are lighted up and ancient soldiers, matrons, courtiers and eunuchs roam the streets. The perfumes exalt the senses in the historical center which echoes with the rolling drums and the war cries of the soldiers. The sound of the trumpet announces the triumphant procession celebrating the deeds of the comes Vitalianus, conqueror of Aternum (Pescara) and scourge of the Lombards.
As guests of the “Vassilissa”, the patrician matron in the retinue of the Byzantine troops, you can taste ancient delicacies, served on African red slip plates, and wine mixed with honey, spice and rose petals in the gastronomic points on the borgo’s alleyways.