The Historical Parade

The Byzantine parade recalls the presence of the Byzantine in Abruzzo between the 6th and 7th Century AD. The people dressed in original costumes represent the TRIUMPHS and the gathering moments of the population who lived in the town, which was divided into social classes and enclosed within its organised defences. This community lived united by the same fate, relying on a symbology full of religious and transcendental meanings. Guests of Vassilissa (Egytian princess who settled together with the Byzantine army in the Villa Vassarella in Crecchio) and of her court, we celebrate the victorious feats of the valiant    Comes (count)  Vitaliano against the Longobard barbarians (596 AD).


In the course of the evening the three parts of the victorious return of Count Vitaliano from the battle of  Pescara will be re-enacted: the speech of the soldiers, the giving of awards to the bravest soldiers and the prayer of thanksgiving for the victory.